Edinburgh New Town Cookery School


ENTCS is a cookery school that opened in December 2009. The School’s website provides a detailed description of the activities and forms one of the key marketing elements and it links to many other digital marketing tools. As a new business, the importance of the website was understood from the outset and formed a critical component of the business planning; it was a clear focus amongst a plethora of start-up activities.

In July 2009 after a rigorous procedure conducted on our behalf by a Web Consultant, Room 108 was down-selected from a ‘beauty parade' of 5 web designers to produce and manage the ENTCS website. The measurement criteria were set out in detail from the outset and ranged from the proposed technical solution, the price and the ability to work flexibly with ourselves, our consultant, our preferred graphic designers with whom we had already established the cookery school’s identity and brand. Also, critically Room 108 was tasked with ensuring that the website design permitted a synchronised growth and development in parallel with our business plans. Flexibility and use of open software architecture was also mandated to permit a change of web-designer should that be necessary at a future point. Room 108 scored well on all counts and showed commendable patience particularly in the early phases given our inexperience.

In our view Room 108 were team players and did their utmost to ensure we were given the best advice and, where technically possible, gave us what we wanted.

The ENTCS website was up and running to time and formed an important element of the School’s launch in 2009. This was not just a shop window but a critical trading tool for online bookings.  As with any business, reputation is crucial and therefore the website not only had to convey the identity of the business, provide easily found information, be distinctive and above all work and generate revenue.  This was achieved by Room 108 and within the price that we had budgeted for in our business plan.

We are happy to confirm that Room 108 has been an integral part of our start-up journey to where we are some three years later as a successful award winning cookery school. We have been complemented many times on the clarity and ease of use of our website and its appearance. The site’s coherence with our branding and identity was a multi-company exercise and this was where I congratulate Room 108’s flexibility and ability to work with others to produce the result we wanted.

Today, some three and half years since we met the Room 108 team, the website is a vital component of our business and we hope to develop it further and incorporate an online shop which is has been built to do. Room 108 still manages the site, provide advice readily and willingly, be it during the working day or out of hours; that assurance is incredibly important as the website is a business critical system.

Both Fiona and I are always very happy to recommend Room 108.

Charles Stephenson, Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

View website at www.entcs.co.uk