IE8 Coming to a PC Near You

4 May 2009 - 12:00am -- Room 108

Microsoft's latest version of Internet Explorer, IE8, has been released recently and if your PC is set for automatic updates it will be downloaded as part of these. In the coming weeks you will be given the option to install it.

If you use an earlier version of Internet Explorer you should consider accepting this update. The new version of the software contains a new SmartScreen filter and other built-in security features to help protect you against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, privacy, and identity. Rumour has it that it is also faster than previous versions on IE. (Our advice regardless of your choice of browser is to keep it up to date.)

If you are prompted to install IE8 or actively download it remember to give yourself time for installation and configuration. Don't start the process ten minutes before your next meeting. Installation will take about 15 minutes followed by a required system restart and configuration.

Configuration options allow you to customise your settings. You can go for the default setting but here are a few items that can be configured to enhance your browsing.

  • Default search provider - Microsoft Live is the default search provider but through configuration you can change this to the provider of your choice.
  • Accelerators - Allows for interaction with content. Right click on content to search, find, define or blog
  • smartScreen filter - An extenstion of IE7's phishing filter turn this on to protect against deceptive and malicious websites

If you would like more information about how IE8 will impact your business please get in touch with the room 108 IT team to discuss how we can help.

Visit Microsoft to download IE8 or learn more